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FlameOut is listed as a direct replacment for HALON 1211by the US EPA's SNAP program

The ingredients in FlameOut are encapsulators that use water as a carrying agent to reduce heat and isolate fuel from the fire. When applied correctly, FlameOut quickly reduces dangerous black hydrocarbon smoke, increasing the chances of survival and preventing re-ignition.
· The only certified replacement for the ozone depleting, highly toxic, HALON 1211, to be approved for both commercial and residential use.
· Biodegradable and environmentally safe, and with its residual properties, prevents re-ignition, aiding in the establishment of firebreaks.
· When properly used, reduces the amount of water needed to extinguish a fire by up to 60%.
· All natural ingredients will not clog or corrode valves and pipes and are in fact superb cleaners and lubricants.

The above pictures are of a diesel pit fire at the Louisiana State University Fire Training Academy. The fire was extinguished by one man, one hose, in 51 seconds using only 300 gallons of water and Flame Out.


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